Ian Goring's Photos From the Premiere of Gareth Evans' THE RAID!

You've probably been hearing one of two things after last night's screening of The Raid:

1. "Wasn't that the ass-kickin'est movie you've seen in a decade? Do you remember that scene in which the lowlife gangster ate it in [insert hilariously unexpected death scene]??"

2. "You have to be the most idiotic person in the world for missing that [expletive deleted] screening!!!"

Since I actually attended the premiere last night, it's mostly been #1 for me. But if you want to get the tiniest taste of the electricity in the air last night, check out our intrepid photographer Ian Goring's pics from a film premiere that made Ong Bak look like friggin' Take This Waltz!

"Hmmm, I've gotten burned eating candy from strangers before but they look so tempting in the moonlight...."

They can take our 'yarrrrr's but they'll never take our free...I mean beach balls!

"YAHAHAHHAAHA! I drink your vests! I DRINK THEM UP!"

You can't see it, but this interpreter had a pencil sticking out of his neck THE ENTIRE TIME

"For realsies, we need to make this buddy cop movie happen. TIFF 2012, here we come!"

I hope that if you've learned anything at all from this post, it's that you NEED to go see this movie. Unluckily for you, though, you've only got one more chance. So beg, borrow, steal, and dropkick anything in your path to get to that screening.

And no, having part of a table leg sticking out of your neck isn't a valid excuse.

YOUR LAST CHANCE (is it getting through to you yet??) to see The Raid is:
Saturday, Sept 10 12:15pm AMC2

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