@thesubstream - Midnight Madness '11 Ep. 03: You're Next!

Imagine if a bunch of masked assailants interrupted your fancy schmancy family dinner with crossbows and machetes... How freaky would that be? In the tradition of films like Last House on the Left and The Strangers, festival favourites Adam Wingard and Simon Barrett bring us You're Next, a home invasion thriller that was not only scary but pretty funny, and most importantly, believeable. thesubstream.com's own Tara Mason hosts this instalment of our coverage of Midnight Madness at TIFF 2011...


  1. You guys mention the difficulty of having a woman believably kick ass. I actually find it hardest not so much when a woman is small, as when she has skinny arms. Zoe Seldana is a fine actress and a beautiful woman, but I do not buy her martial arts mastery. Ladies who kick ass have biceps.

  2. Absolutely. Or they get the jump on a dude and wail his brain out with a meat tenderizer, like in another movie I saw recently

  3. Ooo, a meat tenderizer,I never thought of that one. I'll make a note.