The funniest movie of the year: brought to you by these incredibly cool dudes. 

We're not sure if we even need to get you guys more excited about the Canadian Premiere of What We Do in the Shadows but we're gonna do it anyway. If you feel your levels of excitement reaching dangerous levels, have a pudding break. You earned it.

What We Do in the Shadows premiered at Sundance this past January and it's pretty safe to say that everybody loved it. The vampire flick screened to packed houses and the Q&As that followed were almost funnier than the movie.

Drew McWeeny of HitFix described the film as having "brutally silly majesty" (Uh, can we steal that for our Twitter bio?) and went on say:
Of all the horror-comedies I've seen here this year (and it's been a pretty solid crop overall), "What We Do In The Shadows" is easily the funniest, and it's because of how completely they engage with their subject matter. This isn't just a "Scary Movie" style regurgitation of images or scenes from other movies. This is a deep excavation of archetype, and in scene after scene, they find smart, character-driven ways to build extended riffs on both the mundane annoyances of modern life and the various ways we've approached vampires over the years.
Hilarious AND with a high-five to actual vampire lore? We're just glad to hear they won't be sparkly. Phew.

Ryland Aldrich of Twitch Film adds:
...this mockumentary showcases the talent of some of New Zealand's most hilarious comedians and is sure to have you laughing until you bleed.

What?! We love laughing until we bleed! Everybody, we'll just call in sick to work the next day, alright? Good plan, good plan. And, check out this intimate fireside chat where the filmmakers and cast muse about who actually are the vampires (we're looking at you, Hollywood) and explain how one edits a film.

We're hoping you can handle a litttllleeee bit more excitement because to end off this delicious, tasty post, we've put together some of our favourite tweets from during Sundance. Below that you'll find all the screening information so that you can join us and hopefully laugh yourself right to the hospital for internal bleeding. If you're on the ol' Twitter, follow the film's account for even more tasty updates: @DeliciousNecks

What We Do in the Shadows is screening at the 2014 Toronto International Film Festival as part of the Midnight Madness Programme. Check out more Midnight Madness films on the official Festival website!

WHAT WE DO IN THE SHADOWS screening times:

Friday, Sept 12th 11:59 PM, RYERSON
Saturday, Sept 15th 9:30 PM, SCOTIABANK 12
Sunday, Sept 14th 3:45 PM, SCOTIABANK 3

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