Yikes! My Film Is OFF SALE!

With the excitement of single-ticket day at TIFF comes some inevitable disappointment. Surging ticket sales and the prospect of all manner of shenanigans at the Ryerson means that, despite a capacity of a whopping 1800 in the theatre, some midnight screenings will sell out ahead of time before you can snag a seat for yourself.
Dude, it's ok! We'll get you a ticket!
But fear not, festival-goers! There are still a couple of ways you can see a Midnight Madness selection even if those dreaded words, 'OFF SALE', come up when you go to buy a ticket.  Using my patented* KRAM system, you may still find a seat at the Ryerson with your name on it.

Keep checking the box office! Tickets come available all the time thoughout the Festival - whether it's because a production company has fewer people coming than expected, or because a band of crazies has abducted several members of the cast, tickets will sometimes be released to the box office on the day of the screening or even before.  I like going in person myself, but you can check online as well. It can't hurt to try!

Rush the film! Think of it like a fun adventure that involves a lot of waiting. Basically, if you join the special Rush line for a Midnight Madness screening you'll be able to score any seats that are remaining when all the ticketholders are let in.  You have a much better chance of getting in if you're in that line as early as possible, with people lining up anywhere from one to three hours ahead for very popular movies.  Also, remember that you can only hold a spot in line for yourself and one other person. Some of the most fun TIFF experiences I've had have been in Rush lines, and I'd definitely recommend trying it at least once - if not for a Midnight screening, then for any other Festival film.

Attend another screening! It may not be as rambunctious as a midnight screening, but you'll still be able to see an amazing film and maybe even remain awake for the entire running time. There are lots of second and sometimes third screenings of Midnight Madness films on the schedule, so check at the bottom of this post for the film's other screening times.

Make a pizza! Because pizza solves everything.

Pizza is a flatbread generally topped with tomato sauce and cheese and baked in an oven. It is commonly topped with a selection of meats, vegetables and condiments.
*not patented

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