Pics from the World Premiere of SOUTHBOUND!

The precise shade of bluish-grey of the circles under my eyes tells me we're seven days into Midnight Madness, and with that came the world premiere of the anthology horror road movie, Southbound! Ian Goring was there to capture this gargantuan cast and crew as they walked the red carpet.

Conga, conga, conga! With

I think that over the course of these seven days, we've shown that the laws of physics do not apply to the Midnight Madness red carpet. Composer James Bairian obviously agrees.

Fabianne Therese

Hannah Marks

Nathalie Love

Kristina Pesic

Anessa Ramsay models a hat from the Peter Kuplowsky Fall Collection

Zoe Cooper

Tipper Newton

Hey it's that guy! Matt Peters!

The sisters of Southbound are doing it for themselves!

Like most of us, Matt Peters and Davey Johnson enjoy a good reacharound.

There were so many people involved with Southbound that Colin Geddes had to enlist Peter Kuplowsky to wrangle them.

Did you know? If you put the cast and crew of Southbound end-to-end and lined them up along the equator, they would probably be very upset and stab you several times?

Fabianne Therese tells a spooky ghost story from the Southbound set

There's enough people here for a pickup softball game.

Fabianne Therese and Hannah Marks recall staying in the creepiest house ever during Southbound/s production.

Southbound writer Susan Burke takes questions from the audience

Anessa Ramsay talks about the very creepy set of Southbound

You still have two chances to catch Southbound before it heads on down the road and away from TIFF!

SOUTHBOUND Screening Times:
Fri, Sept 18, 6:00 PM SCOTIABANK 13
Sun, Sept 20, 3:30 PM SCOTIABANK 10

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