BASKIN: More Turkish Horror Movies To Check Out

Last night marked the premiere of Baskin by filmmaker Can Evrenol, a Turkish film which follows a group of rowdy police officers who are called to a scene, but are far from prepared for the black mass orgy of malevolence which is taking place in the building. This movie is woven with biting criticism of cops in their depiction as being very adolescent, and is rife with moments that would make censors in its home country totally lose their heads, because restrictions wrapped so tightly around what can be screened.

Here are some other Turkish genre movies to whet your appetite for Baskin. 

Büyü (2004)

Büyü or Dark Spells follows a group of archeologists discover an old book in a haunted abandoned town, and ignore the advice to steer clear of it. The group is then forced to relive occurrences that happened in the two 700 years prior. 

Küçük kıyamet (2006)

Otherwise known as The Little Apocalypse, this film follows Bilge, who lost her mother during an earthquake years before. When she decides to go to the coast to rent a house for a vacation, she becomes plagued with horrifying visions. 

Musallat (2007) 

Musallat follows a young couple named Suat and Nurcan, after husband Suat moves to try and earn more money for their future, but he becomes plagued with terrifying visions that drive him to the brink of insanity. As the plot rolls forward, it becomes clear that what is haunting Suat isn't any run-of-the-mill anxiety, it is something far more evil.

Magi (2015)

This film follows a journalist named Olivia who travels to Turkey, where she discovers that her sister Maria is pregnant. Although Maria is no longer with the father, she decides to go through with the pregnancy, which is when increasingly terrifying things begins to occur, such as traces of Baskin-esque black masses.

BASKIN screens:
Sun, Sept 13, 4:00 PM SCOTIABANK
Thurs, Sept 17, 6:00 PM SCOTIA BANK

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