Pics From the Premiere of THE CHICKENING and GREEN ROOM!

When you have Patrick Stewart, a batshit remix of The Shining featuring chickens, and the wildest audience in the whole Festival all together under one roof, mayhem is going to ensue. Fortunately for the sorry souls that weren't in attendance last night, or for the Midnighters too bleary-eyed to remember, our intrepid blogtographer (that's a word, right?) Ian Goring was taking shots all night for posterity.

The lovely Alia Shawkat shimmers on the red carpet!

Did you know that Alia Shawkat is in both the opening and closing night films (Green Room and Final Girls) of Midnight Madness 2015? That's c-c-c-crazy!

Anton Yelchin spies something fishy on the red carpet.

My second-favourite Nazi in Green Room, the lovely Imogen Poots!

Green Room director Jeremy Saulnier!

The stylish cast of Green Room!

Kenny! Colin! You boys quit that horseplay or I swear to god I will turn this whole theatre around!

How messed up is it that Kenny damn Hotz is the most traditionally-dressed person in this picture?

Two Weird Dudes In Four Weird Shoes: The Chickening creators Nick DenBoer and Davy Force on the red carpet at the Ryerson.
Nick DenBoer attempts to explain the inexplicable when asked to introduce The Chickening.

Possible future X-Men cast?

Jeremy Saulnier explains the influences behind Green Room as a fan of hardcore music and 70's horror and action films.

Patrick Stewart explains why his Kickstarter for 'the largest and most obtrusive earbuds ever' is not terribly successful.

Double mics! Make it so!

Jeremy Saulnier talks about his twisted vision for Green Room

Never let it be said that Midnight Madness isn't a place of love. Misguided, highly-disturbing love.
If you missed the midnight mayhem, catch a second screening of Green Room and The Chickening  at a very reasonable hour tomorrow!

THE CHICKENING with GREEN ROOM Final Screening Time:
Sat, Sept 12, 2:15 PM BLOOR HOT DOCS

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