Pics From The Premiere of THE DEVIL'S CANDY!

I can honestly say that Sean Byrne's Loved Ones followup, The Devil's Candy is one of my favourite Midnight Madness selections in years. Every twist and turn and burning guitar in Byrne's new film, fresh from post-production which only wrapped last Thursday, kept a rabid audience at the edge of their seats. With Devil's Candy writer/director Sean Byrne and star Ethan Embry in the house, as well as a big surprise outside the theatre, Ian Goring was there to capture all the excitement!

Some of you are probably thinking 'throwing up the horns at a movie called Devil's Candy is a little on the nose, huh?' to which I say SATANNNNN!!!

Ethan Embry enters a fugue state thinking about his next painting


You'd never suspect that good pals Ethan Embry and Sean Byrne are being controlled by the dark lord.

Hooray for these guys!

Tired of being constrained by worldly concepts like gravity? Try SATAN today!

Byrne and Embry talk about Devil's Candy with programmer Colin Geddes

Ethan Embry and Sean Byrne answer some questions from the audience.

Tee hee! Hail Satan!

Ethan Embry provides a visual reminder of how much of his soul he had to sell to make such a chilling, brilliant movie.

Ethan Embry pays homage to the Ryerson's dark lords.

A very very big surprise awaited the Ryerson audience outside the theatre.

Imagine seeing this after walking out of a movie at 2am. Yikes!

Woo hoo! Evil!


A day later and that painting still gives me the skeeves.

Byrne and the satanic painting from Devil's Candy were both hits after the WORLD PREMIERE screening!

Colin Geddes and Sean Byrne pose with some fans.

You have two more chances to see Devil's Candy and by gum, I think I might go see it again.  Don't miss this one!

THE DEVIL'S CANDY Screening Times:
Sun, Sept 13, 11:59 PM RYERSON
Tue, Sept 15, 6:45 PM SCOTIABANK 9
Sat, Sept 19, 1:15 PM SCOTIABANK 14

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