YAKUZA APOCALYPSE: Interview with Director Takashi Miike

Through the magicks of the internet, we were able to reach out to the Legendary filmmaker Takashi Miike for a few questions. Be sure to ask yours when he comes to the Ryerson for THE FIRST TIME EVER with his brand new, insane looking film Yakuza Apocalpyse!

Am very much anticipating discovering the musical choice that accompanies this image in Yakuza Apocalypse!

MMB: As a seemingly tireless creator how do you refill your inspiration?

Takashi Miike: Movie sets are my place of peace. Sleep, wake up, eat and if I can only shoot movies that’s fine. I don't consider if my talent will dry up. The image comes to me if I stand on the location. If I lose work, I would just do other work. That's it.

MMB: We’re very excited to have you here, finally! How does it feel to be actually, physically, at Midnight Madness!? Do you have a message for the fans?!

Takashi Miike:  Feels like going back to my hometown. Toronto Midnight Madness is my very first film festival that I was invited. It was a huge event to me whom was making movie with super low budgets in Japan. Our finished movie would take us to the place we wouldn’t imagined if we work hard at our own post. Midnight Madness taught us. Colin [Geddes] and Toronto's audience who welcomed me kindly and enthusiastically are my treasure.

Well, I wonder if you would enjoy this time, Yakuza Apocalypse... I’m looking forward to seeing you at the theatre. Let’s party!

MMB: You have such a diverse body of work. Yakuza Apocalypse, seems like a return to the over-the-top style of your Dead or Alive series (absolutely Midnight Madness!) What attracted you to this project?

Takashi Miike: Freedom. Freedom that we can make something we think is interesting. And… because we made it freely, it became Midnight Madness.

A stranger appears! I wonder who is more weirded out here.

MMB: IMDb lists you as directing 98 features! Were there any unique challenges of making Yakuza Apocalypse that you hadn’t encountered before?

Takashi Miike: Every movie is fresh and stimulating for directors. We face them with an immaculate heart, like a child. I have never been conscious if I made a lot of movies. But I might never meet movie like "Yakuza Apocalypse" in the future. You would understand the reason if you see it. How do I say....

I think, "A film that gives people a fresh happiness, where they feel that this world is not so bad because such a serious and absurd movie can exist - is rarely born"

MMB: In your opinion - what’s the best defence against vampires? 

Takashi Miike: You should resolve yourself. Become a vampire instead of running. Suck, suck, and suck! That kind of life is not so bad. The person who is resolute is strong.

 Ding-ding! Mascot crossing! 

Fri, Sept 18, 11:59 PM RYERSON
Sat, Sept 19, 3:00 PM SCOTIABANK

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  1. I have been a massive fan of Miike and his prolific career for years. He's such an inspiration in a multitude of ways.....his imagination, work ethic, eclectic variety of storytelling. I appreciate this interview!