FINAL GIRLS: Cast Profile

OMG, it's us! They're writing about US!

(Writing this post feels like a physical impossibility because thinking about final girls has me thinking that I really, really should dress up as one of my favourite final girls for Halloween. BUT WHICH ONE?!)

The satirical and cheeky Final Girls is coming to our Madness screens tomorrow for its midnight premiere, and promises to be a fun ride through all of the genre-tropes horror fans and already more than familiar with. 

The entire cast of Final Girls
Malin Akerman
Akerman already has a special place in my heart for being a bad-ass as Silk Spectre II in the extremely divisive Watchmen as well as the superheroily (I'm making new words, take a seat, Shakespeare) awesome Debbie Harry in the film CBGB, but her softer side has had her in several comedic roles, such as Children's Hospital, Wanderlust, as well as reoccurring roles for Funny or Die. 

Taissa Farmiga
The Farmiga sisters have a strong hold the horror-television market, and I think we're all more than okay with this. Taissa is perhaps most recognized for her reoccurring roles on American Horror Story, but many will also recognize her as Sam from The Bling Ring. 

Alia Shawkat 
For anybody who was alive when Arrested Development was on TV, I really don't think that Shawkat even needs an introduction. Alongside playing the beloved Maeby Fünke, Shawkat has bookended the Midnight Madness series this year by playing main characters in the opening movie, Jeremy Saulnier's Green Room, and the closing movie, Final Girls. 
Nina Dobrev
As a huge Conan O'Brien fan, it feels necessary to mention how funny her segment was when she basically did yoga on the red-headed icon, which caused him to run around the studio in glee. Dobrev has an extensive resumé working in film and television, but she is probably best known for her starring role on the The Vampire Diaries. 

Adam Devine 
Alongside his role in hugely popular stoner-buddy series Workaholics, (which if you've ever spoken to anyone under the age of 25, you've probably heard quoted at least a few times), Devine has also starred in movies such as Pitch Perfect, Pitch Perfect 2, and Neighbours. 

Thomas Middleditch 
Middleditch seems to have a knack for workplace stories, having roles on The Office, The Wolf of Wallstreet, and starring on the hilarious HBO series Silicon Valley, where he plays the nervous yet brilliant Richard Hendricks, who just wants to get his app out into the world.

(Halloween costume update: Not a final girl, but now I really want to be Drew Barrymore in Scream.)

FINAL GIRLS screens: 
Sat, Sept 19, 11:59 PM RYERSON
Sun, Sept 20, 5:00 PM SCOTIABANK

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