Kal Penn Renaissance Man

If you're like most people you know Kal Penn as half of the stoner duo Harold and Kumar, Van Wilder's sidekick Taj, or one of Hugh Laurie's colleagues on House but this cat is a true modern day renaissance man. Here are a few facts that prove just that:

1) Some entertainers support causes by making an occasional appearance or cutting a check but Kal went further by taking a long sabbatical from his acting career to work for the White House where he served as Associate Director of Public Engagement.

2) He's served as a visiting lecturer at both University of Pennsylvania and UCLA and has a graduate certificate in international security from Stanford.

3) Apart from acting he’s also produced and hosted The Big Picture on The National Geographic Channel as well as the engineering competition TheBig Brain Theory on The Discovery Channel.  

5) Finally, Kal will be making his Midnight Madness Debut as a fashion photographer in The Girl In The Photographs. There's not much out there about this one so be one of the first to experience it at the World Premiere on Monday, September 14th!

Mon, Sept 14, 11:59 PM RYERSON
Wed, Sept 16, 5:00 PM SCOTIABANK
Fri, Sept 18, 9:15 PM SCOTIABANK

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