Completely Insane Photos From the Premiere of YAKUZA APOCALYPSE!

In what felt like a fever dream from beginning to end, Takashi Miike brought an unsurprisingly wild and ultra-violent Yakuza Apocalypse to the Ryerson last night in his first live appearance at TIFF since 2000.  For me, and probably a lot of people in attendance on Day 9 of Midnight Madness 2015, this was my first time seeing 'The Master of Midnight' in person, and it was a thrilling and humbling experience.  Ian Goring was also there to capture this history-making night of insanity!

TIFF Tip: Tickets are required to attend a film at TIFF.

Fans sporting the Yakuza Apocalypse tattoos in line. Now that's dedication!

The Man himself, Takashi Miike!

Only Miike could make this look good.

The Godfathers of Midnight, Colin Geddes and Takashi Miike

Positively ghoulish!

Robert Mitchell chats up Takashi Miike before Yakuza Apocalypse

Sometimes the Midnight audience is scarier than the film itself. This would be one of those times.

Colin Geddes introduces a Master, a Legend, and something of a madman.

Miike takes the stage!

Nothing in the world has ever been this badass.

In a shocking post-film appearance, the horrifying monster Kaeru-Kun

If pictures of an immortal, indestructible, demented giant frog are triggering for you, might I suggest skipping the next several shots.

A heartwarming reunion.

Yup, just your average Q&A. Nothing to see here.

Miike talks about his influences.

Kaeru-Kun agrees - knitting is great!

Insulting someone this powerful doesn't strike me as wise.

Take a picture, it'll last longer! Well, maybe not longer than Kaeru-Kun, who is immortal.

The reaction from the crowd was amazing.

Both Miike and Kaeru-Kun were very appreciative of the Midnight audience.

Kaeru-Kun was quite forthcoming about taking pictures with some tired but happy Midnighters

Kaeru-Kun and Colin-kun!

Kaeru-Kun and Team Yakuza Apocalypse!

What, you missed all this? Well I have some bad news, readers, as all the screenings of Yakuza Apocalypse are over for this year. Pray to your frog-gods for a VOD or theatre release in your area!

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