THE CHICKENING: Meet The Creators, Nick DenBoer & Davy Force

The Chickening is being touted as, "remixed, augmented cinema" or "Cinegraffiti". In other words, this five minute short film is an innovative, unique cinematic experience that is going to blow your mind!

Let's meet the creative forces behind the film.

Nick DenBoer wears many creative hats. He is an animator, a writer, a director, a music composer, a video artist, as well as a producer. Nick is from Toronto, Canada. He has worked on the show Kenny vs. Spenny, Vice Magazine and DC Shoes USA. The past few years has seen Nick writing, directing and producing comedy bits for Conan on TBS. Here's his show reel.

Davy Force is from Los Angeles. He is also a commercial animation director, independent film/video maker, as well as an audio/video remix artist known as TV Sheriff.  Davy has animated several title sequences for television, most notably for Adult Swim's Tim and Eric Awesome Show Great Job. His professional work has also included numerous television commercials, music videos and concert visuals. Mr. Force has been nominated for a Prime time Emmy Award. He is also creating a 24-hour independent television network called InfoChammel. Here is a look into Davy's work.

The Chickening precedes the 2015 Midnight Madness opening film Jeremy Saulnier's Green Room.

Thu, Sept 10th, 11:59 PM RYERSON
Fri, Sept 11th, 8:45 AM SCOTIABANK
Sat, Sept 12, 2:15 PM BLOOR HOT DOCS

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