BIG GAME: Top 5 Film Presidents of All Time

It's hard to believe that up until Big Game nobody had the foresight to cast Samuel L. Jackson as the President of The United States. With that said, here are five examples of where films elected some Midnight Madness approved POTUS'. I'm Sanjay S. Rajput and I approve this message.

#5 Jamie Foxx as President Sawyer in White House Down.
I wasn't thrilled with White House Down (or Olympus Has Fallen for that matter). But Jamie Foxx does his best John McClane as President impression and sure does blow stuff up real good! America, F' Yeah!

#4 Bill Pullman as President Whitmore in Independence Day.
Combat decorated veteran? Check! Able to inspire the world with an awesome speech? Check! Personally leads a global army to fight off a technologically superior invading alien army? Check! Why don't real politicians have credentials like this?!!?

#3 (TIE) Donald Pleasance as President White in Escape from New York 
and Cliff Robertson and President Cahill in Escape from LA
While these guys played uber-facists in charge of a North American Police State they did manage to rein in Snake Plissken. At least for a little while anyway... 

#2 Charlie Sheen as President Rathcock in Machete Kills. Any president who wields an M16, smokes pot, and bosses  Danny "Machete" Trejo around has earned a spot on this list. 

#1 Harrison Ford as President Marshall in Air Force One.
He's played Indiana Jones and Han Solo, was there any way he wasn't going to be at the top of this list?!!? A one man terrorist smashing machine who delivers action movie one liners as easily as he passes legislation. I'm pretty sure GET OFF MY PLANE would've made a great campaign slogan.

So, will Samuel L. Jackson make the list? I'll let you know after I check out Big Game at Midnight Madness.

BIG GAME screening times:
Fri., Sept. 5th, 11:59 PM, RYERSON
Sat., Sept. 6th, 9:00 PM, SCOTIABANK 12
Sat., Sept. 13th, 2:30 PM, SCOTIABANK 12

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