TIFF'S First Ever, Online-Only Digital Screening!

Are you ready for the future? You better be, because the future is standing right here staring us all in the eye because the future is psychic and communicates telepathically. And this is what the future wants you to know

For one 24-hour period, you will have the opportunity to participate in TIFF's first ever, online-only digital screening. It doesn't matter what city you're in. It doesn't matter what country you're in. Hell, if Space Ladies or Xenomorphs have the right technology they can listen from Venus or the Weyland Corporation's hidden interstellar research bases.

The Short Cuts Re/Mix screening is available for 24 hours only on September 16 (Eastern Time Zone). Tickets are $10 (CAN) and are available from Sept. 10-16. 500 lucky people will get to watch an amazing program of curated shorts at home, in an isolated cabin in the woods, in a volcano lair, on the International Space Station, wherever they are.

You mean we can watch Shortcuts from right here under this board? Yes! Yes, you can!

Or as TIFF.net puts it:

On Wednesday September 16, for 24 hours, TIFF is conducting an experiment: our first ever online-only screening. We've curated a selection of international short films that are playing at Festival. The screening will include an exclusive Q&A roundtable with the films' directors. But you don't have to be in Toronto to see it – just log in and be a part of Festival from wherever you are.

Click through for more details.

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