Five Reasons Why We Love Ethan Embry

Beloved actor Ethan Embry is coming back to our big-screens this September in The Devil's Candy, where he plays a struggling painter who becomes possessed by a demonic force, soon after him and his family move to their dream home. Embry's portrayal of a patriarch fully at the end of his rope works as a perfect compliment to writer-director Sean Byne's graphic, jolting style, who is perhaps best known for his horrifying teenage flick The Loved Ones, which begs the question, "You thought your prom night was bad?"

Wrapped in the excitement of The Devil's Candy, we thought we'd take a look at five reasons why we love Ethan Embry:

5) He is fantastic in any dramatic role - RE: Brotherhood 

Embry arguably is most recognized for his character in the Showtime series Brotherhood, where he plays the Rhode Island state detective Declan Giggs. Brotherhood had only three seasons, but effectively captivated critics everywhere.

4) He steals the scene, even when he's a tertiary character - RE: That Thing You Do!

In this movie about fictional band The Oneders (now that's One-ders, not Oh-need-ers), Embry has a small part as the bass player of the band (or T.B. Player as per his credit). Although Ethan barely has any lines at all, his adorable presence is felt in any scene he's in as the doe-eyed, sweetheart bassist. Also, is there anything funnier than when he totally abandons the band to go to Disney?

3) He very effectively plays extremely sympathetic characters - RE: Late Phases: Night of the Lone Wolf 

In this smart and subtle werewolf flick, Embry plays Will, the son of the stubborn, blind, war veteran Ambrose (played by Nick Damici). Will puts his father into a retirement community because he fears for his safety if he were to continue living totally alone, and although the audience sees Ambrose's anger about his liberties being taken away due to age - we still sympathize with Will because his actions are out of a place of love.

2) He can do comedic and light roles just as well as drama - RE: Can't Hardly Wait 

Starring as Preston Meyers in this quintessential 90's teen romp, Embry is funny and lovable as the artistic Preston, who vows that on graduation night, he will finally tell Amanda Beckett (Jennifer Love-Hewitt) that he loves her.

1) He is clearly going to crush being a main character in a horror movie - RE: The Devil's Candy

We have absolutely no doubts that Embry's portrayal of the tortured (in more ways than one) painter is going to be thrilling and chilling, even just seeing him in official stills, the kind-faced actor is barely recognizable in his dishevelment.

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