TIFF Midnight Madness 25th Anniversary T-Shirts Now Available!

For the past 24 years of the Midnight Madness program, if you wanted to be able to identify a fellow Midnight Madness devotee during the day, unless they were wearing a horror or action movie shirt, your odds of guessing weren't very good.

This year, TIFF is removing the guess work and have put out an official Midnight Madness 25th Anniversary t-shirt, designed by Kagan McLeod. You might know Kagan's work from his kung-fu comic book epic, Infinite Kung-Fu, or from his many illustration work that he's done for The National Post, Esquire, Entertainment Weekly, and The Hollywood Reporter.

As of Tuesday, these beautiful navy blue t-shirts are available in unisex t-shirt sizes XS - XXL in a limited edition for $30 (+ tax) at the TIFF Shop (at TIFF Bell Lightbox) and at the TIFF Shop pop up location at the Festival Box Office at Metro Centre.

Look how dashing you're going to look in your new Midnight Madness shirt!!

The Devil's in the details.

So pick up your shirt and let everyone at that 9AM screening know that you're running on less than 5 hours of sleep.


  1. Awesome design!

    P.S. Link to Kagan's site has a typo.

  2. Thanks for the catch! And, yeah, fantastic design.