Check Out the Scary Pics From the OCULUS World Premiere!

If Mike Flanagan's goal was to scare the bejeesus out of the entire Midnight Madness audience (and I'm pretty sure it was), then he certainly accomplished that with the absolutely spine-tingling OCULUS. With actors Katee Sackhoff, Rory Cochrane (in his third Midnight Madness appearance!), James Lafferty, and Brendon Thwaites in tow, Flanagan surprised and shocked the Ryerson with his tale of a haunted mirror, and photographer Ian Goring was there to capture all the creepiness!

Actor James Lafferty, casual in the face of ancient evil.

Costar, Brenton Thwaites, chipper in the face of ancient evil

Director Mike Flanagan, looking sharp.

Producer Trevor Macy and Director Mike Flanagan.

Rory Cochrane

Getting steamy in front o the TIFF wall

Katee Sackoff, also looking sharp.

Intrepid MM blogger Rob Mitchell on the scene!

James Lafferty, fans, and a man who doesn't want to be in the picture.

All they need is the evil mirror!

The world is but a toy to Midnight Madness!

Director Mike Flanagan explains that you should all cover your mirrors.

"Really, cover them right now," Katee Sackhoff

Q & A

"We got rid of the mirror, right?"

Carol here: Usually, Sachin uploads the photos himself, but I received a mysterious email providing me with the photos and the his text and asking me to post this for him while he dealt with "that cursed mirror!" I can only honor what I hope is not his last request and hope for that he has not entered some terrible Phantom Zone...

Anyway, thanks to everyone who came out. If you missed the premiere, there are still two more screenings of Oculus!

OCULUS Screening Times:
Tuesday, Sept 10th, 4:15 PM SCOTIABANK 14
Sunday, Sept 15th, 6:00 PM SCOTIABANK 11

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