Midnight Madness Changed Eli Roth's Life!

art by Kagan McLeod

Eli Roth shares how the 2002 screening of Cabin Fever at Midnight Madness changed everything for him:
 I was an unknown filmmaker with an unfinished film, borrowing money from my parents to pay my $700-a-month rent for a studio apartment on Beachwood Drive. Cabin Fever was not finished, and we needed another $400,000 to mix and make prints. I had submitted the movie to the Toronto Film Festival, and we were told it was rejected. But then something happened where a guy named Colin Geddes (the Midnight Madness programmer) got hold of the tape (yes, the VHS tape of my AVID edit) and played it. Apparently the main festival had rejected the film, but someone said, "This seems more like Colin's thing." Colin loved the film and put us in the festival -- dead last. We were so dead-last that the closing-night party was scheduled to end before our film began.
Read the rest at The Hollywood Reporter and then catch the premiere of Roth's latest entry into the Madness, The Green Inferno.

THE GREEN INFERNO Screening Times:
Saturday, Sept 7th, 11:59 PM RYERSON
Monday, Sept 9th, 1:30 PM SCOTIABANK 13

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