Pics From The Premiere of Hitoshi Matsumoto's R100!

Well, I think R100 beat us all sufficiently into submission that we needed nearly 24 hours to recover. The genre-bending....thing?...from comedy master Hitoshi Matsumoto added yet another insane premiere to the Midnight Madness 25th anniversary lineup, this one possibly even the craziest of all.
 Ian Goring navigated his fellow paparazzo (with the aid of a few whips and chains and about a gallon of saliva) to bring you these pictures that capture just a teensy piece of the batshittery afoot at the Ryerson last night!

Hitoshi Matsumoto, Atsuro Watabe, Nao Ohmori, and a producer.

Hitoshi Matsumoto

Robert Mtchell chats with Matsumoto and Watabe

Screaming fans await Matsumoto!

Atsuro Watabe

Nao Ohmori

Matsumoto greets his adoring fans!

Seriously, this dude is a Big Deal.

STOP! Matsumoto time.

An eager fan can't wait for R100!

Another hot crowd for Midnight Madness!

Colin Geddes and a special guest onstage!

Matsumoto showing his Toronto pride!

...And getting disciplined!

Colin Geddes looks on as Matsumoto takes a licking (don't worry, he'll get his in a minute)

Everyone was just a little perplexed at Matsumoto's 'eh'-centric introduction.

Dire consequences await those who pull out a cell phone! NO SAFE WORDS!

Matsumoto takes a question or two.

In what would be a running theme of the evening, I have no idea what is happening here.

And now, a play in seven acts - Colin Geddes Gets Disciplined By Matsumoto...

These pictures are fantastic, but honestly the phrase "you had to be there" completely applies here.  There's one more opportunity to catch R100. at the Festival. If you miss it tonight, thought, have fun letting your kink flag fly when it comes out on DVD, VOD, or your local theatre!
R100 Screening Times:
Saturday, Sept 14th, 9:00 PM SCOTIABANK 10

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