Pics From the Blood-Soaked Premiere of AFFLICTED!

It's been a couple of years since two films in a row have sent the battle-hardened Midnight Madness audience running for the hills, but last night's premiere of Afflicted  (and Sunday's Oculus) did just that!

Clif Prowse and Derek Lee's doomed road trip took the found-footage horror to terrifying new places, and photographer Ian Goring was there to capture all the maniacal goings-on!

The extremely twisted Derek Lee and Clif Prowse

Robert Mitchell chats with the filmmakers about the best place to rent an ambulance

Fans file in to the film, flanked by the really cool poster for Afflicted.

"Wave goodbye to your humanity folks! Have a great night!"

Colin Geddes tries to find out what sort of twisted mind would come up with the idea of a film like this.

Prowse and Lee take questions from the audience

Clif Prowse talks about the subtle differences between filming in Canada and in Italy

Apparently, in Italy, you can get real paramedics, an ambulance, and folks to clean up the blood for a mere 400 Euros! What a deal!

Derek Lee talks about the amazing score of the film

Derek Lee talks about how they got that brain-splatter *just* right.

Clif Prowse talks about how they didn't, in fact, gross out a whole lot of Italian restaurant patrons by having Lee projectile vomit on them.

Colin Geddes attempts to find out how the filmmakers achieved such great effects in the film.

Apparently, it's a lot of work.

You have one more chance to catch Afflicted and it's tomorrow night! Dontcha dare miss it!

AFFLICTED Screening Times:
Wednesday, Sept 11th, 8:45 PM SCOTIABANK 9

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