The Guardian Reports On The Madness!

Overcome by the Madness, audience member toy with the very globe!

The Guardian reports on Midnight Madness and gives our own MM Photographer, Ian Goring, a mention. Midnight Madness does make dreams come true!

When it first began 25 years ago, Midnight Madness was "a little bit more rough and tumble, and the audience was, like, drunk and stoned and rowdy", says Geddes. "But after a while, realising that what they were seeing was the crème de la crème of genre films, it built this kind of genre sophistication." 
The poster boy here is Eli Roth, whose groundbreaking horror Cabin Fever came out of nowhere in 2002 to earn not only audience devotion but some of the year's biggest sales. Writing in this month's Hollywood Reporter, Roth was effusive about how Midnight Madness changed his life. Other films to make their name at the Ryerson cinema include Ong-Bak, Hostel and The Raid. (Geddes: "I think I can accurately boast that I'm the first person to get 1,200 people into a cinema in North America to watch a film from Indonesia.") 
Fittingly for Tiff, Midnight Madness hasn't just been a springboard for directors. "There was one kid I would run into," Geddes recalls. "Shy, quiet kid. He always asked to take a picture of me and the director after the film. Then one year he sent me the pictures – and they were beautiful. He and his father drive in every day from Niagara Falls, an hour's drive away, see Midnight Madness and drive back. So I ended up getting him a media press badge – he's now my official paparazzi. He even took pointers from the other photographers, so now he knows how to get a star's attention: 'Over here, look over, to the right …'"

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