Absentia - but not Forgotten!

Whoa, creepy crawlies. Just check out this trailer!

Director Mike Flanagan, I'm liking what you're doing here; Laying down some thick atmospheric eeriness.  Before his feature version of Oculus (2013),  Flanagan not only made a shorter Oculus, but also this disconcerting film: Absentia (2011).

Here's some reviews from around internet land!

Every once in a while we get lucky. An indie project that we know very little about will arrive in the mail and, with the right balance of an intelligent script, completely natural actors, and a director who gets that we don't need absolutely everything explained in minute detail, proceed to knock our socks off. Absentia is just such a film.
Full review:  http://www.dreadcentral.com/reviews/absentia-2011

Absentia is a fine example, perhaps one of the best in decades, of what has been labeled quiet horror. This is a tradition which has seen far more success in horror literature than in cinema as it relies on moods, ideas, and implication, all difficult to catch on the screen if not actually “unfilmable.” This movie does an incredible job of communicating the spiritual unease in which Daniel’s family has been left, a malaise which is, in the opening sequences, more bittersweet than terrifying.
Full review: http://weirdfictionreview.com/2013/01/an-awful-truth-mike-flanagans-absentia/

Absentia is a horror film that leans more to the slow-burn side of horror filmmaking. I say that lightly though, because there are some early scares, but mostly the film injects tension early and let's it steadily increase as the film progresses. Flanagan executes this style perfectly, with the help of a talented cast.

Full review: http://www.arkhamdigest.com/2013/01/film-review-absentia-2011.html

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