Midnight Madness Audience Treated to a Clip of BERANDAL (THE RAID 2)

If you weren't at the World Premiere of ALMOST HUMAN on Tuesday night, cross your legs before you read on, because you're going to want to kick yourself.

Before the film, the crowd in attendance were treated to a clip from BERANDAL, the sequel to Gareth Evans' THE RAID. If you've been following the film's production, you've likely read about a character named Hammer Girl. A vicious female assassin whose weapons of choice are two hammers.

I'd rather not spoil the scene for those who weren't there, but rest assured that it kicked as much booty as you'd expect it to! Get excited for when the film premieres in 2014!!

ALMOST HUMAN screens one last time:
Friday September 13
Scotiabank 9
2:30 PM

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  1. I hope Gareth and company have this shown in Vanguard next year!