THE STATION - Pics From The World Premiere Red Carpet & Q&A!

It seems the Midnight Madness programme can't go one full year without being infested with creepy crawlies, and director Marvin Kren's The Station was the one to bring them back! The first Austrian film to grace Midnight Madness demonstrated the danger of climate change via horrifying mutants and puppy-babies, and Ian Goring was there to capture all the freaky fun.

The great folks behind The Station, or as we prefer to call it, BLOOD GLACIER!

Brigitte Kren, enjoying a moment on the red carpet.

Director Marvin Kren

The Station writer Benjamin Hessler

The radiant and energetic Brigitte Kren, star of The Station and the director's mom!

Robert Mitchell interviews Brigitte Kren

Mother and son share a tender moment before scaring the pants off the Ryerson audience with a movie about horrible mutations.

In a Midnight Madness first, director Marvin Kren calls his mother on stage...

...who promptly does the splits!

Writer Benjamin Hessler talks about the idea for weird animal hybrid mutants

Colin asks director Marvin Kren about weird animal hybrid mutants.

"Stop crying while eating a banana"

Always nice to see a director that's so grateful to have his film in the programme.
Don't forget to check back tomorrow for pics and video from what will definitely be a blockbuster premiere of Eli Roth's The Green Inferno!

THE STATION Screening Times:
Sunday, Sept 8th, 2:15 PM SCOTIABANK 14
Friday, Sept 13th, 9:15 PM SCOTIABANK 9

THE GREEN INFERNO Screening Times:
Saturday, Sept 7th, 11:59 PM RYERSON
Monday, Sept 9th, 1:30 PM SCOTIABANK 13

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