Don't mess with the directors of THE AFFLICTED!

Despite my best efforts to find all you info starved Midnight Maniacs the inside scoop on THE AFFLICTED, I've come up empty handed. Apart from Colin's description on the TIFF site there is just nothing out there. There's more information out there on Makinov than there is on THE AFFLICTED, or its directors: Derek Lee and Cliff Prowse.

I did manage to stumble upon this short the duo directed called, Snakehead. The main character, who goes all "John Rambo meets Bruce Lee" in the short, is Derek Lee. So try to keep you comments polite during the Q&A, okay?

THE AFFLICTED Screening Times:
Monday, Sept 9th, 11:59 PM RYERSON
Wednesday, Sept 11th, 8:45 PM SCOTIABANK 9

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