Why talk when you can Tweet? Tell us how you really feel with #mmadnesstiff!
Sometimes it's a little tough to sort through all those general #TIFF12 tweets in your Twitter feed to get to what you really want - information about Midnight Madness.  Because of this, we have created the official Midnight Madness hashtag that you can search and use to tweet about your favourite films in the line-up this year, your experiences in the Ryerson lines, the popped/non-popped status of the ubiquitous audience beachballs, whatever! And don't forget to use the hashtag for your Midnight Madness pics on Instagram as well!

The hashtag is #mmadnessTIFF and we'll be keeping an eye on the best tweets each day and reposting them here on the blog, so fire up those smartphones and tablets because the Madness begins TONIGHT!

Check out all the films in the Midnight Madness schedule here!

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