DREDD 3D: Gallery of Judges

As you watch Dredd 3D tonight, consider his colleagues in the Halls of Justice. Who might win in a fight and who would have Dredd's back in the dystopian vastness of Mega City One?

 In Judge Judy's court, Contempt means the terrifying power of her Eagle's Claw Fist.

Judge Waper served in the army, mediated a dispute between David Letterman and Johnny Carson and will bring his gavel down hard on "Illegal Sugar Possession."

Saloon-owner and self-made judge, Roy Bean knows how to make his own law 
and was highly resistant to alcohol poisoning.

While fellow Judge Parker might not have a Lawcycle--or even apparently a car--and lives in a motel, he is handsome. Something that will definitely freak out the mutants of Mega City One.

These judges not only bring an editorial eye to fashion, they bring it to Justice itself.

(Judge John Hodgman was obviously not included because he doesn't recognize the authority of the Mega City One judiciary).

DREDD 3D screening times:
Thurs., Sept. 6, 11:59PM:  RYERSON
Sat., Sept. 8 12:30PM:  CINEPLES ODEON

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