Torontoist Excited About LIVID

Torontoist.com named its top 11 picks for TIFF 11. Devoted midnight maniacs will immediately recognize four of the names on the list:

Julien Maury and Alexandre Bustillo who showed us all how much damage a simple pair of scissors could do in À l'intérieur (Midnight Madness 2007).

Pen-ek Ratanaruang who presented 6ixtynin9 at Midnight Madness 2000.

And Johnnie To who brought us the GREATEST. ACTION. MOVIE. EVER: Fulltime Killer (Midnight Madness 2001). That is an indisputable title which I am allowed to confer because I'm a blogger. Don't believe me? Go watch it... Now... See, told you!

Here's some of what they had to say about their films at TIFF11:

Julien Maury and Alexandre Bustillo’s Livid ...promises some of the same claustrophobic indoors tension of Inside. And if it’s even half as tense and pants-shittingly gnarly, then all you sicko gorehounds out there are in for a treat.

Johnnie To’s Life Without Principle ...is a heist caper and mini–morality drama involving a bank teller, a small-time crook, and a cop. Sounds promising.

Pen-ek Ratanaruang’s Headshot ...is about a cop who gets double-crossed and shot in the head, then wakes up three months later to find that he sees the whole world upside down. ...sounds amazingly trippy and inventive...

Livid Screening Times
Sunday September 11 11:59:00 PM RYERSON
Tuesday September 13 5:00:00 PM AMC 7

Life Without Principle Screening Times
Monday September 12 9:00:00 PM VISA SCREENING ROOM (ELGIN)
Wednesday September 14 3:30:00 PM TIFF BELL LIGHTBOX 1
Saturday September 17 8:30:00 PM SCOTIABANK THEATRE 3

Screening Times
Sunday September 11 9:00:00 PM SCOTIABANK THEATRE 2
Monday September 12 5:30:00 PM SCOTIABANK THEATRE 2
Saturday September 17 3:00:00 PM TIFF BELL LIGHTBOX 1

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