Big Changes At TIFF 2011, and some tips!

As you've probably figured out by now, TIFF has, like your high school prom date, made the slow, steady move south (geographically, you pervs!) Older but still much-loved venues like the Cumberland and the Varsity have fallen by the wayside, making way for brand new screens at TIFF Bell Lightbox and the Princess of Wales theatres.

Two other things you may not have noticed while furiously compiling your schedule:

- Did you know that you can search/select films on the TIFF website by programmer? Well, dummy, you can! So, for example, if you want to see what the twisted mind of our intrepid programmer Colin Geddes has chosen for TIFF 2011, even for selections outside Midnight Madness (usually just as terrifying/gory/madcap as the ten late-night selections), just check out his Programmer page. As a side note, these folks are pretty snappy dressers, huh?

- An online tool called TIFFr, which can be invaluable for narrowing down your schedule. Just add films to your 'shortlist' and TIFFr will populate with all the screening times for that film. Pick the screenings that fit your schedule and Bob(cat?)'s your uncle. Once you have your schedule locked down, you can Tweet it, email it, import it into your iPhone or Google Calendar, and send the link around. Who needs such frills as 'short term memory' anyway? Here's my schedule.

We're only about nine days out from the most blood-soaked, drama-filled, chilling, exhausting, most wonderful week of the year! Hope you folks have your cinema hats* on!

*not real hats

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