Ramping Up to Midnight Madness at the Festival of Fear

Can't wait for the Madness to start? You can get a little taste this weekend at Rue Morgue's Festival of Fear.

Midnight Madness usually has a table at the Festival of Fear. We're sorry to say we couldn't this year (for scheduling reasons), but as Colin Geddes says, “What a show they got going on!”

The Festival of Fear runs its spooky racket as part of the titanic Fan Expo, this weekend August 25-28 at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre.

This year's Guest of Honor is Robert Englund, who everybody knows as Freddie Krueger, but who will always kind of be Willie from the tv miniseries, V, to me. John Waters, iconic horror host Elvira, Martin Landau, Doug Bradley, Tom Savini, John Astin, Victoria Price, Malcolm MacDowell, Katee Sackhof, Lance Henriksen, Danielle Harris, Sam Tramell, Eliza Dushku and many more will also be appearing for photo opportunities, signings and Q &A's throughout the weekend.

Oh Willie, you are so sweet and clumsy...

Friday, August 26:

A noon screening of last year's Midnight Madness pick, John Carpenter's The Ward. If you think noon's too light for a horror movie, just remember the Romans considered noon to be the eeriest hour (MTCC 709).

Canadian Horror Geeks and fans of Canadiana might want to check out the “Remembering Frightenstein” panel at 5pm (MTCC 715B)

Victoria Price, author and the daughter of the late Vincent Price, will be available at at Q & A at 7pm (MTCC 715B)

Go on “A Dream Date with Freddy” when the Toronto Underground Cinema (186 Spadina Ave) screens Nightmare on Elm Street III: Dream Warriors, followed by a Q & A with Robert Englund. $20 in advance/ $25 at the door.

The 2011 Festival of Fear Shocktail Party featuring the Texas Hellbillies, Ghoultown, and DJ Peter Black at The Courthouse (57 Adelaide St. East). The shocktails start pouring at 10 p.m.

Ask Victoria Price about this baby picture at her Q & A!

Saturday, August 27:

Get your FX on at an FX workshop featuring Remy Couture at 12pm (MTCC 717)

If you're looking for a sweetie who's into horror and do well in job interview situations, you might want to check out the Horror Expo Speed Dating at 12pm. If you're openminded about genre, you can also try the All Genre Speed Dating at 6pm. (MTCC 803 for both).

At 4:30 there's the intriguingly-titled, “Lance vs. Lance, featuring Lance Henriksen.” (MTCC 713)

Remy Couture returns for the “Art/Crime” panel at 5pm. (MTCC 709)

But then there's also, “Satanic Sinema Screening featuring Salako Kalfou” at 5pm. (MTCC 711)

Will Lance vs. Lance be like this, but with another Lance Henriksen?

“This Filthy World: Filthier and Dirtier! An intimate evening with John Waters” at the Toronto Underground Cinema. Advance tickets are $30 at the Rue Morgue's Festival of Fear booth. Show starts at 7pm at the Toronto Underground Cinema (186 Spadina Ave.)

Back at the convention centre at 7pm there will be a “Monster Brawl featuring Art Hindle and others.” (MTCC 709)

Teletoon will be hosting a Retro Costume Contest at 8pm in MTCC Hall H.

Night Terrors: Horror Expo Party the Official Rue Morgue Festival of Fear Party starts at 10 pm. It features a midnight costume contest hosted by Tom Savini, the hypnotic sounds of Witch Rock pioneers Blood Ceremony. Plus Terror tunes from Rue Morgue Radio's Tomb Dragomir, Oz and LaMort at Revival Event Theatre (783 College St. West). $15 door/$10 advance.

Sunday, August 28:

There's a 12pm Horror Short Showcase, featuring Tim Sullivan and Adam Rifkin. (MTCC 711)

It's a war of the Midnight Madness Bloggers with a screening of Android Reenactment featuring Midnight Madness blogger Darryl Shaw and Steve Walsh. (MTCC 709) and “Creature Features” featuring Midnight Madness blogger Eric Veillette (MTCC 711) both set for 2pm

At 3pm, “The One and Only William Shatner” will be in MTCC Hall G.

And if you missed the previous day's Satanic Sinema Screening, never fear. The Devil has heard your prayers with “Satanic Sinema Screening II” at 4pm.

And who wins in the eternal struggle between the Devil and William Shatner?

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