AICN Hearts KILL LIST, DRIVE, and other TIFF selections at the Melbourne International Film Festival!

A contributor named 'Tyler Turden' over at Ain't It Cool News caught Midnight Madness selection Kill List as well as TIFF 2011 selection Drive down under at the Melbourne International Film Festival and had glowing reviews of both.

For the creepy, genre-bending Kill List:

I thought this film by Ben Wheatley was totally kick ass. A serious genre bender; this one plays leapfrog with your expectations. What starts out as exercise in British miserablism soon morphs into a tense hitman drama and then into something else entirely. I imagine this will become a serious cult hit...

And for the star-studded, action-packed, road rash instructional video Drive:

This film is fucking sweet. It is a bizarre mash up of (in no order) 80’s Michael Mann visual sheen, Jean Claude Van Damme posturing, David Lynch weirdness and Paul Verhoeven violence! No shit!

There`s also reviews of TIFF 2010 selection 13 Assassins and much more. You've still got a few days to lock down your selections for this year's Festival, so make sure you don't miss these two insane thrillfests!

Kill List screening times:

Saturday September 17 11:59pm Ryerson

Sunday September 18 3:15pm Scotiabank Theatre 4

Drive screening times:

Saturday September 10 9:15pm Ryerson

Sunday September 11 9:00am TIFF Bell Lightbox 1

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