The Cryptic Tweets of Midnight Madness' Colin Geddes

At The Toronto Star, Peter Howell has written a piece deciphering the mysterious tweets of Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF) Co-Director, Cameron Bailey. But Bailey isn't TIFF's only man of mystery. Followers of Midnight Madness programmer Colin Geddes' tweets know that there were plenty of teasing hints this summer leading up to his late night “leak” of stills from eight of his ten selections.

Is Colin Geddes a ghost kitty as this photo suggests? Experts disagree.

While Howell compares Bailey to a chess player or a knife-fighter, Colin surely brings a gun to a chess game, knife fight or Twitter tease... and knows something nasty a human being can do with a piece of chicken, if his tweets are anything to go by.

So prepare yourself, Midnight Madniks, for the Twittertastic teases of Colin Geddes and, if you're not following Midnight Madness, follow @mmadnesstiff on Twitter now!

@mmadnesstiff on 30 July:

I was incredibly impressed when I saw this actress in her last film and she does a tremendous turn in this one. I'll reveal all soon...

@mmadnesstiff on 30 July:

Just noticed in the credits of this Midnight Madness selection that they thank the band Explosions in the Sky. Interesting... #TIFF11

@mmadnesstiff on 29 July:

I have a bunch of #TIFF11 films I've picked that [Toronto] Mayor [Rob] Ford should see that are about "cuts". And deep cuts at that... #tocouncil

@mmadnesstiff on 25 July:

I just emailed a very funny man to tell him his film has been invited to Midnight Madness #TIFF11

@mmadnesstiff on 22 July:

Watching a film by and starring a director who likes to get beaten and bloody in his films regularly.

@mmadnesstiff on 15 July:

Just saw CDN film full of profanity, punches to the head + blood by a dir who was in MM. Wont be in Midnight, but might find home elsewhere

@mmadnesstiff on 8 July:

Off to a secret location to see a TIFF11 contender! Don't think there will be popcorn at this place....

@mmadnesstiff on 30 June

Just arrived in NYC to see a screening of a Midnight Madness contender! Got high hopes for this one! #TIFF11

@mmadnesstiff on 28 June

And I can't tell you the name of the film! Some people must be new to this game I play every summer!

@mmadnesstiff on 28 June

Writing a #TIFF11 note for an exceptionally brutal film (not in MM) + listening to OST for Martyrs by Seppuku Paradigm for inspiration.

@mmadnesstiff on 23 June

What just those two major actors did with that piece of chicken is the movie I just saw is certainly going to make people talk in Sept...

Chicken?! My god!

@mmadnesstiff on 17 June

Asked a major film I love to dance with me at Midnight. Still waiting by the phone for an answer #playinghardtoget #TIFF11

@mmadnesstiff on 13 June

Good morning! I'm back at it watching bad horror films, so you don't have to! #TIFF2011submissions

@mmadnesstiff on 12 June

After a [dismal] day of watching poor submissions, I might have found a winner. Half way thru, but I think the French have saved the day.

@mmadnesstiff on 12 June

For the past 15 mins, this submission has had 4 characters talking about their emotions. Clearly a contender for Midnight Madness.

And while this doesn't have anything to do with Midnight Madness--at least I hope it doesn't--I can't help being curious:

@mmadnesstiff on 16 May

The closing tagline of the Austin Fantastic Fest/Fantasia Karaoke Party in #Cannes: There Will Be Piss.

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