THE DAY Drops On August 28th!

One of the coolest things about TIFF is being able to see a film before, and in some cases LONG before it's released to the general public.  Midnight Madness 2009 selection Solomon Kane is one of these - it's only seeing limited release in late September if IMDB is to be believed - and last years selection The Day is another.

The Day, however, is unique in that it's got the chokeslamming, powerbombing muscle of the WWE marketing machine behind it. It's being released on the 28th of August and Vince McMahon and his cadre of publicists ran a special sneak preview of the post-apocalyptic siege film with several wrestlers (don't worry, no cameos from The Big Show in this film) in attendance. Check it out!

With this in mind, don't forget to pick up your TIFF Midnight Madness passes, so when your friends are lining up like schlubs to see these films next year, you'll be able to lord over them the fact that you've seen them all already.  And isn't that what friendship is all about?

TIFF Midnight Madness passes for all ten films in the 2012 schedule are SOLD OUT, but you can still pick up single tickets to films in the Midnight Madness Programme (and others) starting on Sept 1.  

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