DREDD 3D: Read Comics In Public Day!

Happy Read Comics In Public Day, a day dedicated to reading comics in places where people can see you. Why not double up and promote comics literacy while catch up on Judge Dredd's judicial activism in the dystopian Mega-City One.

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Dredd first appeared in the often edgy and satirical UK comics anthology, 2000AD in 1977 (issue #2!) and then in Judge Dredd Magazine. Colin Smith describes Dredd better than I ever could:
Dredd is merely concerned that "all are treated equally under the law", and the state which passes and administers the laws he obeys is an uncaring and nakedly fascist one. It's not right and wrong he serves at all, but rather the rules of the tyranny he serves, and he's no more than people's champion than he is the people's ballet dancer.

Dredd's no hero, though he may be regularly be shown acting in a heroic fashion. He's a Blueshirt, and in the end, that's all there is to it.
I highly recommend any of Smith's pieces on Dredd and 2000AD.

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Both Dredd and 2000AD have continued into the 21st Century, so pick yourself up a comic or collection, get yourself a beverage and read outside or at a cafe today. Then show up on Midnight Madness' opening night for Dredd 3D.

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cover by Lee Garbett via 2000AD Covers Uncovered.

DREDD 3D screening times:

Thurs., Sept. 6, 11:59PM:  RYERSON
Sat., Sept. 8 12"30PM:  CINEPLES ODEON

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