Midnight Madness at Trailers from Hell: Eli Roth Returns!

When last we had left director and producer Eli Roth, he had commented on 15 film trailers for the mighty Trailers From Hell. Eli Roth is returning to Midnight Madness this year as the star of Nicolás López Aftershock and he's returned to Trailers From Hell with a commentary on the trailer for the  controversial, Goodbye, Uncle Tom an exploitation film that's not Blaxploitation of sexploitation, so much as slavesploitation. As it's described at Trailers From Hell:
Those Mondo Cane guys are back with an astoundingly non-P.C. farrago purporting to expose the history of black subjugation in pre-Civil War America. Gorgeously mounted but stunningly exploitative, it was rated X when first released in the States in a considerably reworked version. NSFW.

Follow the link if you're curious to see the original trailer and Roth's commentary. If not, enjoy this thoughtful and worksafe commentary on the trailer for The Birds.

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