The 26th Director of THE ABCS OF DEATH

When Drafthouse Films assembled a slate of all-star genre directors (including Midnight Madness alumni Xavier Gens, Marcel Sarmiento, Jake West, Ben Wheatley and Adam Wingard) to contribute to The ABCs of Death, they left one slot open--the letter "T." In order to fill the slot, they held a contest in which aspiring filmmakers submitted their own shorts featuring modes of death beginning with "T." The winner was Lee Hardcastle's spectacular claymation short "T is for Toilet." Check it out:

Visit the contest page here, but be careful--it's easy to lose track of time watching one submission after another. We're particularly fond of this short, "T is for Testosterone Replacement Therapy," by our very own Midnight Madness blogger Darryl Shaw:

T is for Testosterone Replacement Therapy from darryl shaw on Vimeo.

Here's one more favorite of ours, "T is for Thread," directed by Chris Nash:

T Is For Thread from Chris Nash on Vimeo.

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