STAKE LAND A Must See of 2010

When the Midnight Madness programme was recently announced one film that immediately grabbed my attention was Stake Land

The reason for my my excitement?

Firstly, the director Jim Mickle. Click here for an interview with him over at Twitch

It is not uncommon during a film festival Q&A to have some one raise their hand and ask, "How much was your budget?" Well Mr. Mickle's first feature Mulberry Street was made for a tiny fraction of most budgets and proved that it's not the cost of your film that matters but the amount of talent and imagination. Mulberry Street transcended all it's limitations and announced the arrival of a major new talent.

Secondly, the producer Larry Fessenden. Larry is one of those cool indie N.Y. film makers who not only makes horror films but is a huge fan of the genre. Check out my 2008 interview with him here:

Lastly, the film itself. Here is the first trailer for Stake Land. A film that people will be talking about long after the end credits.

Screening times for Stake Land are: Friday, Sept. 17th at the Ryerson Theatre at 11:59 pm, Saturday, Sept. 18th at the Scotiabank Theatre #4 at 12:15 pm and at the AMC Theatre #2 at 9 pm.

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