Red Nights at TIFF

Category III represents at Midnight Madness this year with Hong Kong star, Carrie Ng in Red Nights. But Red Nights is more than an homage to sexy and violent Hong Kong movies from the 1980s. Directors Julien Carbon and Laurent Courtiaud have been inspired to make a giallo in Hong Kong:

"The project originated from the idea to transpose a traditional 'Giallo' intrigue in a Hong Kong context.... [O]ne just needs to wander at night along the mid-levels lanes on Hong Kong island, a maze of stairs and narrow streets connecting ancient theatres, temples and high tech buildings with silent mansions hidden among the trees up along the peak, to know this is a perfect playground for a maniac killer in trench coat hunting attractive but terrified victims 'à la Mario Bava.'"

Screening times for Red Nights are: Wed. Sept. 15, 11:59pm RYERSON; Fri. Sept. 17, 2:15pm SCOTIABANK THEATRE 2; Sun. Sept. 19, 5:45 SCOTIABANK THEATRE 11.

Trailer and press kit quote via Wildgrounds

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