MONSTERS: An Unforgettable Journey

This film screens as part of the Vanguard programme but maybe of particular interest to Midnight Madness fans.

Very rarely do you ever see the words romance and monsters in the same synopsis. Those two words are at the very core of Gareth Edwards' film Monsters. I personally consider the film a contemporary classic, a throw back to films from the forties and fifties. Monsters is The African Queen meets War of the Worlds. That being said the themes of the film are very much rooted in the present day.

Here is the first clip I saw of Monsters. It really captures the beauty and awe of the film.

Monsters is also one of the great stories of independent film making. The words science fiction film, usually conjures up images of huge budgets and large crews. The production team had less people then a baseball team on the field. There was Gareth wearing two hats as both director and cinematographer, a sound man, an interpreter, an editor, an assistant, a line producer and the two lead actors. Using two vans the crew filmed in Guatemala, Belize, Mexico and Texas. I believe this small team really brought a lot of intimacy to the film, you as the audience really are a third person on this journey. Here is Gareth talking about the making of the film

Here is the latest trailer.

Monsters is a well crafted, engaging sci-fi, adventure film in which the passion and dedication that went into the production is evident in every frame. I strongly urge you to take the journey because it is an experience that you will not soon forget.

Screening times:

Thursday, Sept. 16. 9:00pm Ryerson
Friday, Sept. 17. 8:30pm Scotiabank Theatre 1
Sunday, Sept 19. 3:00pm Scotiabank Theatre 3

You can purchase tickets from the official TIFF website.


  1. why the hell isn't this screening before the second thursday of the festival? a lot of people (myself included) will be long gone by then.

  2. Well, contrary to popular belief, TIFF runs for a full ten days and to uproot this misconception, we've even added an extra day, so now it is a total of eleven days!

    Scheduling is always a tricky thing to be truthful and often times, the premiere status of a film plays into this.

    Sorry to hear you'll be leaving Toronto by then, but fear not, MONSTERS does have US/Canadian distribution and should be coming out shortly.