Just Giv'r! FUBAR 2 @ TIFF MM!

If you like the alphabet soup that toplines the post then you should check out the Midnight Madness twitter feed at http://twitter.com/mmadnesstiff, all the cool kids are doing it. And guess who else is on twitter? Dean Murdoch from Fubar II https://twitter.com/Dean_Murdoch

Some of Dean’s pearls of wisdom include: "Fubar II world Premier at TFFF (Toronto F*cking Film Festival) on Sept 9. Don't like sequels? Well, FU2 buddy. Again."

"My neighbour told me if I don't put up some blinds soon he's gonna duct tape the outside of my windows. I was like great, free duct tape."

"Ten minutes of rock is worth twenty minutes of meditation."

I’d post more tweets but I don't want to spoil the fun for everyone. Dean has a lot of great links to Fubar II related videos and trailers. Not bad for a nut cancer surviving stoner, 'eh. Just giv’r a look.

Screening times:

Thursday, Sept. 9. 11:59pm Ryerson
Saturday, Sept 11. 12:00pm Varsity 8

You can purchase tickets from the official TIFF website.


  1. I cant wait for Fubar II to come out. If its half the laugh riot that Fubar was, sign me up!

  2. Tron funkin' blow!