TUSK: Origin Story

Admit it, wouldn't we all look better with walrus tusks protruding out of our faces? 

All great movies have an origin—that little seed of an idea that ends up sprouting and growing into the majestic beast of a movie its meant to be. Damn, that was poetic. Maybe too poetic considering we're going to discuss the origins of Tusk, a movie where Michael Parks turns Justin Long into a walrus in... Canada (DUN, DUN, DUN). But, whatever, we do what we want here on the Midnight Madness blog.

Unless you've been trapped under a rock as of late, you know that Tusk is written and directed by none other than Kevin Smith. And if you're a Kevin Smith fan, like you should be if you know what's good for you, you listen to his podcasts and know that the inspiration for this very film was discussed in episode #259 of his and longtime collaborator Scott Mosier's podcast, SModcast. It was called "The Walrus and the Carpenter" and it was amazing. June 25, 2013 started out just like any other day, but little did anyone (especially Justin Long) know the seeds for maybe the craziest movie ever were being planted.

The full podcast can be found here, but we've embedded an edited version that only discusses the concept of the movie. Have a listen!

If you don't have time to listen (jabrone!), we've compiled a list of the most important points of the podcast: 

1. It's all based on a deliciously creepy tenant advert placed on a British classifieds ads website.
2. There is some confusion about whether the month or day goes first when discussing dates across the pond. 
3. The writer of the advert was looking for someone to live with him for free. Live with him and also dress in a walrus costume. (Seems legit.)
4. This is because the writer of the advert had a best friend who was a walrus named Gregory.
5. This is because walruses provide the most fulfilling of friendships. (Pretty sure there's a Discovery Channel special about it.) 
6. Whilst in the walrus costume, one must BE a walrus. BE THE WALRUS.
7. The tenant would be responsible for finding appropriate walrus sounds via the internet (because walruses don't speak English, duh).

Those better be walrus sounds you're making!

8. This is obviously absolutely terrifying. This advert writer is probably a serial killer. 
9. But, hey, there's a spacious double room to live in. Just don't go near the workshop! 
10. Of course, this is an irresistible idea for a movie, so Kevin and Scott set about describing the plot of their future film. 
11. It will be a cuddlier version of Human Centipede
12. There will be a walrus enclave and it will be glorious. Probably with seagull sounds.
13. There will be a lot of creepy POV shots. Maybe something like Robocop. 
14. Wait, now it's more tolerable but more fucked up version of Human Centipede
15. James Franco would probably be in it. He's all over that kind of shit. Walrus shit, you know.

And now having caught up with all of that, check out the trailer and see what of their first, jokey ideas actually made it to the final cut. We're pretty sure that's a glorious walrus enclave... 

TUSK screening times:
Saturday, Sept 6th 11:59 PM RYERSON
Sunday, Sept 7th 9:45 PM BLOOR HOT DOCS CINEMA
Friday, Sept 12th 3:45 PM SCOTIABANK 1

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