The Team behind THE EDITOR are still COOL GUYS

ASTRON-6 is a proud homegrown Canadian filmmaking force like no other! This year we welcome the co-directing team of Matthew Kennedy and Adam Brooks, who this time lead the charge with their new film and Midnight Madness selection The Editor.

With movies like Manborg, Father's Day, and a plethora of unforgettable bizarre ultra-violent and ultra twisted shorts on their resume, I'm always excited to hear there's a new release on the horizon from Astron-6.

However, the film that first captured my heart was Cool Guys.  Cool Guys (2008) is a 28 minute 80s style screwball comedy, that drastically deviates from its expected path.

 I thought I'd catch up with Matthew Kennedy, Adam Brooks, Steve Kostanski, Jeremy Gillespie, and Conor Sweeney online, to hear their thoughts of this early, yet resolutely twisted signature film.

The Anti-After School Special
Midnight Madness Blog: Gentlemen of Astron-6,  what are some of your memories of making Cool Guys?
Matthew Kennedy: My first thought is one we've all had. At one time, we thought Cool Guys was the hardest movie we had ever made. It was supposed to be a fun short that we shot over a weekend at the beach but slowly everything went wrong. Locations pulled out on us over and over again. The heat was unreal that summer, we shot all through the night in an awful motel room blowing fuses and eventually the air conditioner. We ended up not getting a bunch of beach footage and had to shoot on a vacant beach in September to finish the movie. it was cold. It almost destroyed Astron-6.  But every film since that one has been one hundred times harder and it only gets harder.  AND HARDER.
Steven Kostanski: It had a few high points, that snack shack on the beach was probably the easiest time we ever had being on location. The owner was super chill and let us do whatever. That was the one fun day. But it was all downhill after that.
Jeremy Gillespie: The first cut of the movie was twice as long, totally unfunny, and was deemed "the worst thing we've ever done." Somehow Matt saved it in editing.
MMB: I'm glad you guys saw it through; it's really funny, great acting, and once you're lulled into the perceived safety of 80's style screwball comedy, it goes off the rails into hilariously twisted insanity and never stops surprising. I think it's a rare achievement.
Adam Brooks: I think it was a tiny bit ahead of its time to get as dangerous as it does, but now that's kind of the norm.
Conor Sweeney: I don't talk to these guys anymore.
Adam Brooks: Who invited that guy?
MMB: Awesome thanks for your time fellas! I'll always cherish your friendships in Cool Guys!
Adam Brooks: You may not have seen the last of the cool guys...
MMB: (I do a grinning emoticon)
Conor Sweeney: (does sunglasses guy emoticon)
MMB: Yeah, was gonna say, wrong emoticon...
Conor Sweeney: The movie is based on that emoticon

If haven't caught the film yet, you can watch Cool Guys here. Be sure to catch Astron 6's NEW giallo-comedy The Editor at Midnight Madness!

THE EDITOR screening times:

Thu., Sept. 11th, 11:59 PM, RYERSON
Fri., Sept. 12th, 9:15 AM, SCOTIABANK 3
Sat., Sept. 13th, 6:15 PM, SCOTIABANK 4

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