First Look at Joe Begos's Mysterious Thriller, THE MIND'S EYE!

As is the case with a number of the Midnight Madness selections this year, there isn't much information out there about The Mind's Eye. Joe Begos's followup to 2013 Midnight Madness selection, Almost Human is something of an enigma, but your intrepid blogger did some digging (okay I looked at Joe Begos's Twitter) and found some screenshots that reveal...well, not much about the plot of The Mind's Eye per se, but certainly something that rivals the over-the-top batshittery that was Almost Human's trademark.

The first shot is Graham Skipper, the lead from Almost Human, playing "Zack Connors". Using forensic photo analysis, we've determined that he should probably use a napkin:

This is Lauren Ashley Carter (Jugface, Pod, Premium Rush) playing an awfully crabby-looking Rachel Meadows:

Here's John Speredakos (House of the Devil, The Innkeepers) as "the nefarious Dr. Michael Slovak". Now, call me crazy, but I think if I see Dr. Mike in the operating room during my next kidney transplant, I'm probably going to take a raincheck:

And finally, the immortal Larry Fessenden (!!!) playing the spooky Mike Connors, as only Larry Fessenden (!!!!) can:

Like most people, I left 2013's Midnight Madness premiere of Almost Human wanting more from Joe Begos, and it looks like we're about to get it.  Whatever The Mind's Eye has in store, it sure doesn't look pretty, which suits the Midnight Madness audience just fine.

The Mind’s Eye screens:
Tue, Sept 15, 11:59 PM RYERSON
Wed, Sept 16, 12:00 PM SCOTIABANK
Thu, Sept 17, 12:15 PM SCOTIABANK
Thu, Sept 17, 3:30 PM BLOOR HOT DOCS
Sat, Sept 19, 7:00 PM SCOTIABANK

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