The Awesomely Retro Poster and Trailer for ALMOST HUMAN!

Debut feature director Joe Begos' Almost Human has my absolute favourite movie poster of the year.  It has a neat 80's horror look to it, combining several 80's poster features like the hand-drawn aesthetic and muted blues of the Friday the 13th poster, a font that looks almost sci-fi inspired like Evil Dead, and the 'person/object in front of a spotlight' look of Friday the 13th Part 6 and The Thing (and, okay, most of the posters from this period). Behold!

The trailer, too, has a similar 80's throwback feel to it:

It's hard to know for sure what exactly is at play here, other than the fact that it's probably aliens, but there is definitely a lot of creepy to spare in this Midnight Madness selection! If you're into alien abduction, indie horror, and are still hanging desperately onto the hope that Duran Duran are going to tour again, put Almost Human at the top of your Midnight Madness list!

Almost Human screening times:
Tuesday September 10, 11:59 PM, RYERSON
Wednesday September 11, 7:15 PM, SCOTIABANK 3
Friday September 13, 2:30 PM, SCOTIABANK 9

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